Ministerio del Poder Popular para Relaciones Exteriores

Embajada en Austria

Sección Consular


    Issued to whoever wants to enter Venezuela for purposes of leisure, health, or to carry out non remunerating or non lucrative activities, such as those related to the cultural, artistic, scientific, or sport fields. Also for the purpose of making contact with enterprises established in the country or persons who work for enterprises in the public or private sector; or to carry out journalistic activities for the coverage of special events.

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    Issued to Non-immigrants, passing through Venezuela in transit to another country.

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  • VISITOR VISA Bussiness

    Issued to non-immigrant traders, executives, representatives of enterprises or industries and micro entrepreneurs, who enter the country to carry out activities and/or transactions related to trade, mercantile, financial or other lucrative activities in connection with their business.

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  • VISITOR VISA Entrepreneur/Industrialist

    Issued to persons who prove that they own or are engaged in the management of an enterprise or industry established in the country of which they are residents, and that they have branch offices in Venezuela and enter the country to carry out activities related with said enterprise or industry.

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  • VISITOR VISA Family Member

    Issued, upon request of the visa holder, to spouses, dependent children under eighteen (18) years of age, parents and parents in law of the holders of visitor visas in the categories of business visitor, investor visitor, entrepreneur/industrialist visitor, visitor whose income is produced outside Venezuela, student visitor, religious visitor, returning resident, and work permits. The family relationship shall be duly proven, as well as their economic dependence upon the visa holder.

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  • VISITOR VISA Fixed Income

    Issued to visitors whose income is derived from legal investments, interest income, benefits or retirement allowances produced outside Venezuela, if such income is over US$1,200 per month. If the head of a household travels with his family, he or she shall additionally show documentary proof of a permanent monthly source of income generated abroad in the amount of US$500 per family member traveling with him.

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  • VISITOR VISA Investor

    Issued to persons or representatives of enterprises who prove by a legally attested document that they have established the necessary contacts and that their investment has been accepted by the pertinent official organisms in Venezuela.

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  • VISITOR VISA Private Servant

    Issued to the private servants of diplomatic, consular or auxiliary official of the overseas accredited or official representative from Venezuela accredited before International Organism, when returns definitively to the country.

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