Issued to whoever wants to enter Venezuela for purposes of leisure, health, or to carry out non remunerating or non lucrative activities, such as those related to the cultural, artistic, scientific, or sport fields. Also for the purpose of making contact with enterprises established in the country or persons who work for enterprises in the public or private sector; or to carry out journalistic activities for the coverage of special events.

Austrian passport holders do not need a visa to travel to Venezuela as tourists for up to 90 days, if entering and leaving the country by air. A Tourist Entry Card (TEC) valid for 90 days is available from the airlines serving Venezuela at no cost but these cards cannot be extended. They are valid for a single entry only. If planning to travel to Venezuela by land or sea you should apply for a tourist visa beforehand.


  • Make an appointment online.
  • Fill the Visa Application Form.
  • Passport with at least six (6) months of validity at the time of your visa request.
  • Two (2) recent, 2″ by 2″ color photographs.
  • One (1) photocopy of the round trip ticket to Venezuela.
  • The applicant must show the following documents:
    • A letter from the applicant’s employer stating:
      • the date on which the applicant began working for the company.
      • current position, and salary.
  • A reference letter issued by a banking institution and addressed to the Consular Section that certifies:
    • the date the applicant opened his account.
    • Type and account number.
    • Last bank statement or a letter from the bank showing the account balance.
  • A payment of 50.00 Euros at the Embassy of Venezuela in Austria.
  • A medical certificate issued by the health authority of the country of origin or residence, stating that 21 days prior to the travel or application the applicant:
    • Has not shown any symptomatology compatible with the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD).
    • Has not been in contact with EVD patients nor their body fluids.
    • Has not visited any healthcare center where EVD patients have been treated.

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