Ministerio del Poder Popular para Relaciones Exteriores

Embajada en Austria

Sección Consular



Issued to Non-immigrants who wish to stay in the country to attend professional technical courses, undergraduate or graduate courses at any University or College, or to take part in a practice related to their major field of studies.


  • Make an appointment online.
  • Fill the Visa Application Form.
  • Passport with at least six (6) months of validity at the time of your visa request.
  • Two (2) recent, 2″ by 2″ color photographs.
  • The applicant must submit an application issued by the institution that supports him; this application must inform on the funds available to the student in Venezuela. (If issued by a private person, the attestation must duly prove that the student has sufficient funds to sustain a stay in the country).
  • Letter of admission issued by the educational institution where the student is enrolled or by the enterprise that will supervise his practice.
  • Academic degrees and/or attestations.
  • Satisfactory medical examinations (Chest X-ray, VDRL Test and satisfactory medical evaluation)
  • A statement that no lucrative activities are to be performed in Venezuela.
  • A payment of $ 60.00 (the equivalent sum in Euros, at the daily exchange rate) at the Embassy of Venezuela in Austria.